Bottom Trawls

Cantrawl designs and manufactures a range of bottom trawls to meet different fishing requirements.

Computer modelling is used extensively to ensure that the trawls and other gear components are matched to individual vessels.

The Icelandic Box Trawl is suitable for very hard ground and its simple construction facilitates onboard repairs.

The Safari Trawl is an excellent fishing high rise trawl which is suitable for medium hard ground and good bottom. It is particularly effective in the capture of rockfish.

The Borstad Flat Trawl, designed at Cantrawl with Matthias Borstad, is also very good for flatfish, including skate, turbot and other flatfish.

The Aberdeen Box Trawl is another two-bridle trawl.

The Icelandic Balloon Trawl (not shown), designed for good bottom, has proven to be very effective for cod and sole.