Flow Torch: Aerosol Lubricant

Product Features:

  • Combines penetrating and lubricating capabilities in one product.
  • Deep penetration to loosen loosens rusted parts and dissolve grease and sludge.
  • Reduces wear and stops squeaks
  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent rust from forming.
  • Adheres to surfaces to provide clean, long lasting lubrication and protection without sticky residue
  • Safe to use with rubber and plastics.

Typical uses:

  • Air Tools
  • ignition parts
  • battery terminals
  • zippers cables & chains
  • knitting machines
  • springs & slides
  • drills
  • hinges, locks and latches
  • trailer hitches
  • marine equipment
  • fishing reels
  • nuts & bolts
  • valves
  • gears
  • o-rings
  • winches
  • hydraulic fittings
  • padlock & pins
  • jacks and much more...

Directions For Use:

  • To loosen rusted or corroded parts, spray liberally and allow sufficient time to penetrate.
  • To lubricate, spray directly on areas of contact.
  • To clean or protect, apply a light even coating of Flow Torch .

Important Notes:

Flow Torch, like any other multi-purpose lubrication and penetrating spray, cannot and should not be used in an attempt to correct mechanical problems. A mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution, Please see dispenser label for appropriate safety information. Safety data sheets available upon request.