Rycon-1™: High performance oil supplement

High performance oil supplement for engines, gears, transmissions, compressors, and hydraulics.

  • Product Features:Reduces Engine friction and amplifies power.
  • Increases compression.
  • Reduces wear.
  • Reduces heat, noise, and vibration.
  • Enhances oil colour stability.
  • Maintains higher TBN value in oil.
  • Minimizes cold start wear.
  • Extends life of additive package.
  • Reduces down time.
  • Reduces friction in gearboxes and differentials.
  • Reduces heat, wear, and energy consumption of hydraulic systems.
  • Protects surfaces up to 600° F .
  • Strengthens acid-neutralizing capability of oil.
  • Fortifies anti-oxidant property of oil.
  • Removes sludge and varnish from engine parts.
  • Increases water/antifreeze tolerance of oil.
  • Withstands frictional contact up to 200,000psi.

Directions For Use:

Rycon-1™ may be added to engine oil during oil changes or anytime during oil service. It's ideal for cars, trucks, construction, farm, heavy equipment, marine and stationary equipment.

  • For All Engine Applications: use at 2.5% dosage (40 to 1). This is equivalent to 3.2 oz. per US gallon of oil, 4.3 oz. for every 5 US quarts of oil; or 25 ml per litre of oil. Use up to 4% for severe service.
  • 1 litre of Rycon-1™ will treat 40 litres of motor oil.
  • For Manual Transmissions, Hydraulics, Compressors & Gear Box Applications: use at 4% dosage. This is equivalent to 1.3 oz. per US quart of oil, 5.1 oz. per US gallon of oil, or 40 ml per litre of oil. Use up to 8% for severe service.
  • Automatic Transmissions: use at maximum of 1% dosage. This is equivalent to 0.35 oz. per US quart, 1.4 oz. per US gallon, or 10 ml per litre of ATF.

Important Notes:

A mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution. However, Rycon-1™ may provide an interim remedy to alleviate catastrophic damage while equipment is being scheduled for repair. Rycon-1™ cannot and should not be used in an attempt to correct mechanical problems. Engines operating under conditions of severe dust or other contaminants require frequent oil changes to flush out dirt and contaminants.